Article Writing Services

freelance article writingArticle Writing is a service in very high demand nowadays. As Google SEO rules are becoming   stricter, website owners are focusing on creating new, fresh and original content, since it is probably one of the most important SEO factors. In other words, website owners need to create more and more written content for their websites in order to keep or increase their rankings. They need new and original articles for their website.

For example, a website, with 100 well-written articles in it, can rank much higher than a website with 4-5 articles.

Now, two main questions come up:

1)      Who will write these articles?

2)      How should these articles be written?

The answer to the first questions is… YOU! Yes!  Τhe most popular freelance service is article writing. If you spend some time on learning how to write articles, you will be able to write them in a very short time.  The majority of the website owners can’t write all the articles themselves, this is why they are likely to hire a freelancer to provide this service.

Why write articles

Some of you may ask yourself:  Why write articles for a webpage?   There are so many articles out there. Why not just copy paste them from one site to another since Google wants to see content in websites in order to rank them higher?

The answer is here:

Google loves unique, original and fresh content.  On the other hand, it can easily detect if the content of a website is duplicated or not.

In other words, Google doesn’t give value on the content of the websites which is already published elsewhere. In order for a website to rank high in search engines, creating high quality original content is a must. That’s why a freelancer needs to create 100% original content that is unique in the internet.

How to write an original article?

In most cases, the buyer will ask you to write an article targeting to a specific keyword. For example, the buyer will ask you to write an article for the keyword “travel to Greece”.   What is the purpose of this keyword?  It means that you need to search engine optimize the article based on the keyword given.  (More about keyword density at the end of the chapter).

How to write an article on any given topic ?

Before answering this question we need to mention that 90% of the articles that you will be asked to provide will not need from you to make a great research or to be an expert on a specific field of studies. Nobody will ask you to write a novel or to create an essay. In most times, you will be asked to write an article about general issues and sometimes you may need to make a little research. So, this is not something that should confuse you since you want to get into this business seriously.

Basically, there are two ways to write an article on any given topic. (more details in our guide…)