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SEO Services

Here,we will analyze what is SEO, why SEO is important for a business to succeed online and what can the guide “Join the Freelancing Revolution” offer you.

What is SEO?

Explaining SEO basics through an example

It’s a fact that when you want to find more information about whatever, it’s most likely to visit “” and enter the terms in the Google search bar rather than opening an encyclopedia. So, when you want to look up more information about practically anything, whether you want to get informed about news or event, or to do a market research before you buy something etc, you probably  visit (or your local Google search engine i.e. if you live in Greece)  and type in the search bar, the words that describe best your question. For example, if you want to find more info about puppy shot schedule, possibly, you will type in the Google Search bar this phrase: “Puppy shot schedule”

After typing this phrase (which from now on will be called keyword – keyword can be every word or phrase that we use for SEO purposes), you will see 10 search results that may contain useful info about puppy shot schedule (about the search query you just put in Google search Bar). These 10 search results are being displayed first because Google considers them as the results that will probably give you the most valuable information around the word or phrase you just put in the Google search box: puppy shot schedule.


The number that appears right below the Google search bar (5.470.000) shows the number of websites where Google detected content related to the keyword you put in Google Search Bar.

So, these 10 results appear first among 5.470.000 results as you can see right under the search bar.

So how Google decides to show these 10 websites first ?

Here comes SEO! Google search engine, in a matter of seconds creates a rank for all the websites that are related to “puppy shot schedule” In this rank, the first search results are considered by Google as offering the most valuable information related to this search term. Furthermore, Google knows that if you want to find info about puppy shot schedule, possibly you will visit some of the websites that appear first, probably in the first 10 results. So, Google wants to offer high quality search engine experience and wants to show in the first results the websites that are strongly related to puppy shot schedule and at the same time they are considered to have an overall good internet presence.

In order to decide which websites will appear first, Google uses a secret complicated algorithm that checks all websites related to “puppy shot schedule” and shows first these that are the best ones according to this algorithm. Nobody can tell exactly how this algorithm works but all webmasters know very important things about how this algorithm works.

Quality for Google doesn’t mean exactly quality as far as the content of the website but quality as far as the internet presence/appearance of each website. This means that  you may write the best article for puppy shot schedule in your website, but if you haven’t done any of the  essential SEO actions (that will be described later) there is no way to have your article displayed in the first 10 results for the keyword “puppy shot schedule”.  In other words if there is a business owner who sells a high quality product through a website but without doing SEO, it will be very difficult for their website to receive traffic from search engines. This is why SEO is so important and nowadays every business and every website owner want their website to rank high in search engines.

Of course, SEO is not the only way for a website to get traffic. A website owner can pay for advertisements and get traffic but the most important thing we need to mention here is that traffic from search engines is totally Free. Since a website owner makes all the SEO process for his website, it isn’t required to pay for the traffic that comes from Google. This traffic is completely free and this is why all website owners want their website to appear in the first search engine results. They want to avoid paying for traffic for their website. Instead, receiving free and targeted traffic from search engines is the main goal for every website owner!

SEO definition

SEO, Search Engine Optimization describes all the actions a website owner must do inside or outside the website in order to have it rank high in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and the goal is to rank in the first page of Google for the targeted keyword. Google is the most popular Search Engine. More than 65% people use Google as their favorite Search Engine. Yahoo, Bing, Ask are also popular search engines.

SEO is probably one of the most powerful skills one can have in today’s world. Knowing SEO means that not only someone can expand their business but also to be able to distribute their ideas via internet. Knowing SEO means that you have the power to give your ideas, your business the publicity you want through the most common way of communication, via internet.

Search Engine Optimization Tasks can be divided in two categories.

1. On-site SEO

2. Off-site SEO

SEO on-site

SEO on site includes various actions that a website owner should do inside the website to show that this specific website is strongly related to a targeted keyword. (meta name – description fields, h1 tags, sitemap etc) One of the most important factors in SEO on-site is content. In most cases, when we say content, we mean written content that needs to be unique and related to the targeted keywords.

So, for example, let’s say that there is a website that wants to rank high in search engines for the keyword “puppy shot schedule” (targeted keyword). This will be very difficult if the website has only one article inside it using this keyword. The best practice here is to create various articles and update the website regularly with unique and original articles related to “puppy shot schedule”.

So, here comes the most popular job that thousands of Freelancers provide online: SEO article writing. This job will be analyzed in the third Chapter of this ebook. Here we will just mention that this is one of the most popular jobs for freelancers! Why? Because, simply it’s not easy for each website owner to write himself content for his website; so many website owners are likely to hire other people to do this job for them. This is why there are thousands of job postings related to article writing published every day in the top freelancing websites like, etc.

Other SEO on site actions

There are also other SEO actions that should be done inside a website. Since, these actions may also require some html knowledge or some further web design knowledge, these are not analyzed in this eBook. If you want to find more about the SEO on site actions every website owner should do, then you can visit

Off- site optimization

The second important factor that every website owner needs to take care of,  is to create links to other websites that will link back to his website. A link from another website that links to the website is called “backlink”.   The main purpose of all SEO off-site actions is to create backlinks for your client’s website. You should create multiple, various and high quality backlinks.


The point here is that SEO is a billion-industry. Large amounts of money are being spent everyday by website owners and website companies to make various SEO actions to search engine optimize a website. There are various services that a Freelancer can provide online. Thousands of Freelancers from all over the world make their living by providing SEO services.

In our guide, you will discover all you need to know about providing high quality SEO services through the biggest Freelance marketplaces worldwide. You will discover the best methods to provide these services, secret tools to use, the best marketplaces to sell your services, how to increase your sales etc.